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What to know before you visit Harry Potter: the Exhibition in Atlanta

7 things to know before you visit Harry Potter: the Exhibition in Atlanta

Part museum, part "immersive" experience, Harry Potter: the Exhibition features several props and costumes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, reproductions of iconic set pieces (think the door to the Chamber of Secrets or Harry's cupboard under the stairs), and interactive elements throughout. Here's what to know before you go.
Casting Atlantans in famous franchises

Atlanta Casting Call: What happens when we put famous Atlantans in our favorite nerdy franchises?

If Stacey Abrams can guest star on Star Trek, which other famous Atlantans could fit into our favorite nerdy franchises?
Atlanta election write-in funny

Our favorite write-in votes from Atlanta’s 2017 elections

"Donald Duck," "Darth Vader," "Eat my shorts," "Migos," "LOL," "Someone who isn't a sell-out, please," and "Harambe." Atlantans like to get creative when they don't like their voting options.

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: August 9–14

An Indigo Girl goes solo, Harry Potter fans can get a unique cocktail, and Tig Notaro plays the Tabernacle
Fantasy in Lights

10 Atlanta festivals to enjoy this December

Taste Georgia's best high gravity beer, be dazzled by the lights at Callaway Gardens, jam to Tyrese and Jagged Edge, and more.

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