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Atlanta election write-in funny

Our favorite write-in votes from Atlanta’s 2017 elections

"Donald Duck," "Darth Vader," "Eat my shorts," "Migos," "LOL," "Someone who isn't a sell-out, please," and "Harambe." Atlantans like to get creative when they don't like their voting options.
Matt Ryan Banana Republic

Meet the new face of Banana Republic: Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan

At an event at Lenox Square, we chatted with Matt Ryan about his long history with Banana Republic, favorite Atlanta food spots, and how he bounced back from February’s Super Bowl heartbreaker.
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl loss

The Atlanta Falcons are uplifting and frustrating—and I love them

I moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis in July 2007, just months after the Colts won their first Super Bowl victory. A week later, Michael Vick was indicted. I traded a dynasty for a laughingstock. But hope arrived when Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008.
Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LI

Everything you need to know about the Atlanta Falcons

A quick primer to help you fit in at any Super Bowl Sunday soiree.
Arthur Blank

Q&A: How Arthur Blank is feeling 10 days before Super Bowl LI

Arthur Blank knows his 31-year-old quarterback, Matt Ryan, so well that the two men often text each other, but even he was surprised last night when he saw Ryan told Pro Football Talk that he'd like to still be playing at Tom Brady’s age of 39. “Matt never told me that, so it made my night.”

A $1 billion stadium and $104 million quarterback won’t buy you victory

The curse of being young is that you think you’ll be young forever, and then one day you wake up and realize you’re not anymore. That’s a bad day, and sort of what I imagine the Falcons are feeling right now. Recall that last year they beat the best team in football (the Seattle Seahawks) to advance to the NFC championship, only to squander a seventeen-point lead against San Francisco, which stopped the Falcons at the 49ers own ten-yard-line with the game on the line.

What’s Matt Ryan worth?

The AJC reports that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will join the NFL's $100 million club when his contract is renewed in the next few days. Naturally, we wondered, what else could Arthur Blank pick up for that much cash.

We’re No. 1! According to us!

Yet to those who root for pro sports (and, I hope, those who play them) the night felt unmistakably like a consolation prize. We were told repeatedly how lucky we are to be here in this world-class sports town. We were reminded that the New York media was against us. We were so showered with love and self-serving praise that you almost expected, say, a Boston sports fan to leave behind his seven titles in the last twelve years so he could come down and buy season tickets to half-empty Turner Field.

Sure, the Falcons won yesterday. But does Matty Ice deserve a raise?

At halftime of yesterday’s Falcons-Seahawks playoff game, I ran into Thomas Lake, former Atlanta magazine writer and now Sports Illustrated senior editor. The latest issue of SI has a great story by Tom about his unrequited love for the Falcons over the past twenty years, how the unflagging devotion he’s had for the team has ended, without exception, in disappointment. Would this year be different?

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