The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: Moonshine and moonlight

In which Daryl and Beth drink, bond

Editor’s Note: Don’t get us wrong, we are as obsessive as any TWD fans. But let others pontificate at length. In our view, the show’s narrative conflict is so essential—living vs. undead, civility vs. anarchy, prey vs. predator—that it demands to be distilled in the purest form possible. What better serves that purpose than haiku?

And yes, they may be a little cryptic, but there are a few seventeen-syllable spoilers in this recap.

Season 4, Episode 12: “Still”

We skipped the Oscars.
Watched The Walking Dead instead.
Classier zombies.

Tonight’s episode:
The further adventures of
Daryl and Beth Greene.

Car mirror starts fire.
Who knew? Survival lessons
from spunky duo.

Daryl can kill snakes
but can’t handle moody girl.
Beth wants “a damn drink.”

At the country club,
zombies hang from the rafters.
Exclusive club, this.

Inside the pro shop
Beth picks up a cardigan.
Preppy look suits her.

Fore! Daryl wields club.
He slays walkers left and right.
Rough day on the links.

Beth, poor little thing.
No first drink should be peach schnapps.
Daryl steers her right.

Cabin in the woods.
Childhood flashback for Daryl.
“Home, sweet home,” he snarls.

Look! A moonshine still.
“That’s a real first drink there, Beth.”
“Yes Mr. Dixon.”

Beth plays drinking game,
trying to make Daryl talk.
Well, he’s a mean drunk.

Redneck with remorse,
prone to self-loathing when drunk,
Daryl breaks down, cries.

Sittin’ on screen porch,
Daryl and Beth share stories,
some tender moments.

“I was nothing then,”
Daryl says of his past life.
Now, he’s a hero.

Beth assures Daryl,
“You’ll be the last man standing.”
Plot foreshadowing?

Burning down cabin,
Daryl releases demons.
Beth flips it the bird.

This is very sweet.
But can’t the whole gang unite?
Too many B plots.