The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: Live Bait


Editor’s Note: Don’t get us wrong, we are as obsessive as any TWD fans. But let others pontificate at length. In our view, the show’s narrative conflict is so essential—living vs. undead, civility vs. anarchy, prey vs. predator—that it demands to be distilled in the purest form possible. What better serves that purpose than haiku?

Season 4, Episode 6: Live Bait

Governor on quest.
Looks like Snake Plissken.
Bearded and shaggy.

Meets sisters hiding
in cool apartment building.
Got truckload of food.

Meet tough gal Tara,
earnest single mom Lily,
mute daughter Megan.

Guv eats Meow Mix.
Won’t touch the SpaghettiOs.
Has peculiar tastes.

Their old dad’s dying.
Guv fetches oxygen from
walker elder care.

Newly clean shaven
and playing chess with Megan.
Is he trustworthy?

Yikes! Their dad’s undead!
The Guv smashes in his skull.
Girls take it in stride.

It’s a road trip, y’all!
The Governor and the girls
take off in the truck.

Well! Guv gets lucky.
Who can resist an eyepatch?
Not that minx Lily.

Then Guv saves Megan
from a pit full of walkers.
Gruesome splatter fest.

So, what’s the deal now?
Is the Governor reformed
or still pure evil?