This millennial glossary is on fleek

Hint: Netflix and chill doens’t have anything to do with watching movies

I can’t even.
Declarative phrase
Expresses bewilderment or confusion to the point of mental undoing.
Tweet: It’s 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. Why is I-85 at a standstill? I can’t even.

Punctuates comments for dramatic (often positive) effect.
Tweet: First time at Zoo Atlanta. These pandas tho.

On Fleek
(Rhymes with “weak”)
Adjective phrase
The state of being perfect or flawless.
Tweet: That guy’s man bun at Joystick was totally on fleek.

A term of endearment reserved for close friends, crushes, and significant others.
Facebook: Off to see a show at the Fox Theatre with bae.

(“Fear of Missing Out”)
Acronym, noun
Tweet: Are you sure you want to go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden? I’m getting serious FOMO because Steve and James are going to the newest ramen pop-up.

Doing the most
Descriptive phrase
Trying so hard to impress to the point of embarrassment.
Text: I saw a guy bring his own paddle and sweatband to play Ping-Pong at Church. Dude was doing the most.

Sorry not sorry
Used to celebrate a triumph at the expense of someone else through half-hearted irony.
Tweet: Got the last burger at H&F. Table behind me looks pissed. #SorryNotSorry

Netflix and chill
Verb phrase
Unrelated to watching movies; entirely related to having sex.
Text: We could walk around Piedmont Park or go back to my place and Netflix and chill.

(“As fuck”)
Acronym, adverb
A high degree of measurement.
Text: Found a 2 BR apartment in Inman Park, but rent is high AF.

(Rhymes with “burnt”)
Multiple uses, generally describing inebriation and a wildly good time.
Tweet: Who’s at Blake’s? On my 5th Jägerbomb in 20 min. #Turnt

Squad goals
An aspirational term for what a cohort of friends should do or be.
Facebook: (Photo of friends surrounding a beer keg) #SquadGoals

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This article originally appeared in our February 2016 issue.