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How millennials are reshaping Atlanta

They've been hyped, maligned, catered to, and cursed. How the biggest generation is reshaping Atlanta.

This millennial glossary is on fleek

Bae? FOMO? Squad goals? A handy dictionary for millennial slang.
Atlanta Millennials

February 2016: The Millennials Issue

They've been hyped, maligned, catered to, and cursed. How the biggest generation is reshaping Atlanta.

8 Atlanta millennials on generational stereotypes, gentrification, and hopes for their city

A discussion on living in Atlanta as a millennial, the challenges the city faces, parenthood, social media, careers, and more.

Quiz: Are you a Gen Xer or a millennial?

If you're in your mid-30s, you might call yourself a Gen Xer or a millennial. Confused? Take our quiz to determine your generational identity.

A brief timeline of Atlanta millennial milestones

A few big moments from the past 35 years, including the 1996 Olympics, the plan for the BeltLine, the introduction of the iPhone, and more.

Emory’s Mark Bauerlein doubles down on The Dumbest Generation

We asked Emory University professor Mark Bauerlein if he’d like to revise anything in his 2008 biting treatise on millennials, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future. Here’s what he told us.

Digital dating: A millennial’s primer

For a generation that grew up with the Internet, online dating has lost the stigma it once had. Today meeting someone on the Internet seems just as common—and no more shameful—as connecting offline.

7 tips for millennial parents

For those thinking of having kids, we asked millennial parents for tips on surviving financially while maintaining a social life.

4 Atlanta millennials who rank making a difference above making a buck

Ryan Shepard launched Human Capital Theory to connect local businesses and nonprofits with talent from underserved communities. Allie Bashuk is helping artists create studio space in vacant downtown buildings. Rohit Malhotra founded the Center for Civic Innovation. Dar Vanderbeck develops opportunities for Teach for America alumni to flex their entrepreneurial muscle.

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