Will the Waffle House luck hold for a 13th Atlanta Braves win?

The WH concession stand at Turner Field appears to be a lucky charm

You can find some pretty strange lucky charms when it comes to sports—Michael Jordan’s old college shorts, the St. Louis Squirrel, Les Miles eating grass—but a lucky Waffle House? The Braves have gone 12-0 since a scaled-down version of the Atlanta-based breakfast icon opened at Turner Field.

Waffle House takes no credit for the Braves’ record because they don’t want to jinx anything. “We want the streak to continue,” said Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner. “It definitely helps that the Braves are playing really good baseball right now. It’s great [for Waffle House] to be at Turner Field…the Braves are our hometown team.”

And what does the Braves front office have to say? “It’s been an interesting coincidence that since Waffle House opened their concession stand here on July 26, the Braves have not lost a game,” says Beth Marshall, the team’s director of public relations. “It’s not just the front office talking about the coincidence either…many fans have been tweeting after every win that our WH streak is still alive, or posting a photo of themselves in a Waffle House hoping it helps the streak.”

On that note, here’s a Twitter sampler:

@espn “The @Braves are now 12-0 since they started serving waffles at Turner Field. #SyrupStreaking” (August 7)

@JensenEvan “The MVP for the Braves is Waffle House. They have gone 12-0 since signing this key player” (August 7)

@WesleyRozay “ ‘@Braves: W,W,W,W,W,W,W,W,W,W,W,W…’ Affle House” (August 6)

@UnitedBravesFans “BREAKING: All 25 Braves players just went up to the Turner Field Waffle House concession stand and ordered waffles with hashbrowns.” (July 31)

Will the waffle power hold tonight as the Braves wrap up in Washington? Although the Nats are second in the division, the Braves still lead by 14.5 games.