The Love List: Puppy Love

Jess Graves
Photograph by Caroline Fontenot

My dog, Maggie, is mostly golden retriever, with a few other breeds thrown in for good measure. I adopted her almost two years ago from Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta, which works hard to find the best possible match between owner and animal. I was on a waiting list for quite some time, and so, like every eager adoptive mother, I bought her everything she could possibly need beforehand:

Cord Shoes dog collar1 a collar, Collar, Cord Shoes, $50

Shinola2 leash, Shinola $125,

Bowland 3 bowl, of course, Bowl, Martha Stewart Pets, $11.99 (small), $16.99 (large), PetSmart

Big Daddy Biscuits—and some 4 fancy treats, treats, Big Daddy Biscuits, $7

treat jaralong with a 5 crock to stash them in, to celebrate her arrival. Good Dog treat jar, $38, Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road

Duck dog toyLots of toys, too, though she always ignores them in favor of the 6 stuffed duck she arrived with. Dudley Duck Toy, $29, Orvis Buckhead, 3275 Peachtree Road

Travel pet bowlSince I figured she’d be making lots of mountain trips, I also invested in a 7 travel bowl. Canvas travel bowl, Found My Animal, $32, Star Provisions

FurminatorLittle did I know I’d soon be shelling out for a spendy 8 Furminator brush as well—but hey, shedding is a small price to pay for love. Large Dog Long-Hair Furminator, $62.99, Highland Pet Supply, 1186 North Highland Avenue

Pet bedsThe day she came over to meet me, it was just supposed to be for a visit, but Maggie glued herself to my hip, then laid right down in her 9 bed. I wrote a check on the spot. Who was I to argue? She knew she was home. Classic stripe rectangle bed, Harry Barker, $150 (small), $170 (medium), $190 (large), shopwaiting­

Photo credits: Collar: Daniel A. Echevaria; Leash: Courtesy of Shinola; Bowl: Courtesy of PetsMart; Treats, jar, duck, travel bowl, Furminator: Lauren Taylor Watt; Beds: Courtesy of Harry Barker

This article originally appeared in our August 2015 issue.