Photo by Robert Downie Photography

Can you name this geological wonder?

Its name means “fate” or “destiny,” a moniker befitting this geological anomaly. Encompassing sixteen gorges, some as deep as 150 feet, the attraction nicknamed “Little Grand Canyon” is an accidental man-made wonder. In the 1800s, area farmers didn’t know about soil conservation and crop rotation; their poor agricultural practices led to water runoff through the sandy soil. Over time, this runoff created chasms, ravines, cliffs, and nearly vertical sandstone pinnacles. A rainbow of mineral-stained sediment—purple, pink, orange, and red—paints the massive gullies, and tiny streams run through the red clay of the deepest canyon floors. Established as a state park in 1971, the site covers more than 1,000 acres and ten miles of hiking trails. Ancient magnolias, trumpet creepers, and wildflowers adorn the walls and plateaus, and visitors navigating the trails and scenic overlooks may spot cottontail rabbits, white-tailed deer, or red foxes. –Jennifer Green

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