Instagram Star: Why you should follow style blogger Reese Blutstein

The Georgia State student—who’s been picked up by W magazine and Fashionista—on where she shops, eats, and shoots
Reese Bluestein

Photograph courtesy of Reese Bluestein

Handle: @double3xposure
Followers: 105,800

Georgia State student and style blogger Reese Blutstein (aka @double3xposure) may make you reconsider trendy fast fashion. The vintage lover rocks wide-leg trousers and kitten heels and seeks out vintage staples that can be repurposed stylishly again and again—and the fashion world is taking note. She was named one of Fashionista’s 18 style influencers to watch in 2017, and W magazine recently ran an online story about her titled, “Can a stylish 20-year-old from Atlanta make blogging great again?” Here, the Instagram star shares her favorite spots to shops, eat, and shoot in Atlanta.

If you’re shopping on a budget in Atlanta, where do you go?
Goodwill. I always go on Tumblr [beforehand] and look at pieces that I love and try to find pieces that are similar. If you go with an item in mind, you can always find something. My favorite part about thrifting is that it guarantees that no one else will be wearing the same exact shirt.

It’s Saturday night, and you’re going to dinner with friends. Where are you going, what do you order, and what are you wearing?
My favorite place to eat is Taqueria Del Sol. I get either one chicken taco and two sides of rice or a cheese enchilada. I would probably wear something simple: white-wide leg trousers, a white graphic tee, a few of my favorite gold necklaces and rings, my vintage little green bag, and maybe some Vans.

Who do you follow that has inspired your style?
Courtney Trop from @alwaysjudging. I love the way she styles unique pieces that at first glance you might not think go together. She has an amazing eye for photographing the clothes she wears, and she also mixes in masculine and feminine clothes, which I really love.

What neighborhood do you hit for clothes and accessories?
Virginia-Highland. I always go to Highland Row Antiques—it always inspires me when I walk through it. Also Antique Factory in Chamblee is so good! I found my favorite purse there, and they also have the coolest furniture.

What are your favorite places to shoot in Atlanta?
I mostly shoot in Decatur because it is close to my house, but the buildings I shoot at are super random. Sometimes it’s the emissions booth garage door at a gas station. When I am in the car, I am constantly scanning for new places to shoot. I like to make sure the place I am shooting gets good light. I also love to look for buildings with interesting lines and textures because that makes a photo just that more interesting. Blog photos can get repetitive, so I try to add in greenery and different colored walls. It really just depends on the day.