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Georgia State University We Won't Lose This Dream

How Georgia State University delivers opportunity for all

Since 2011, the number of Black students graduating is up 47 percent, the number of students eligible for federal Pell grants earning a degree is up 46 percent, and the number of Latinx graduates is up 89 percent. Such increases were no accidents.
Reese Bluestein

Instagram Star: Why you should follow style blogger Reese Blutstein

Georgia State student and style blogger Reese Blutstein (aka @double3xposure) may make you reconsider trendy fast fashion.

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: the return of highway protests, a gentrifying grocer, and a beginner’s guide to Newt Gingrich

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.

Georgia State researcher examines how your brain talks to blubber

More than three decades ago, biologist Timothy Bartness studied how Siberian hamsters fattened up during the summer and early fall to prepare for winter food shortages. Curious about the idea of the brain telling the body to plump up, Bartness developed an interest in obesity research. He now directs Georgia State University’s Center for Obesity Reversal and recently received a $2.5 million award from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases to study how the body breaks down fat.

Israeli dance company Vertigo explores “Reshimo”

Vertigo, a contemporary dance company based in Jerusalem, explores the concept of “reshimo” in a new repertoire piece that incorporates variations on repeated phrases, steps done in unison, and movement between partners.

Atlanta as a college town?

When you think of metro Atlanta, many things may come to mind. Capital of the New South, for example. Or worst place to be a Pepsi fan. “College town” probably isn’t on your list. But the area’s 6 million residents include more than 250,000 college students, according to the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education. Each year this quarter-million-strong cohort studies at one of the metro area’s fifty-seven colleges and universities.

Big projects on campus: What’s going up at Georgia’s colleges

It’s a law of nature: Every college is constantly under construction. But from street level, it can be hard to tell whether what’s in the works is supercool (a high-tech lab? a rec center?) or downright dull (another parking garage?). Here’s a tour of some of the more exciting projects underway on Georgia campuses.

Taking the next step: Georgia’s largest medical, law, and MBA programs

A quick guide to help you compare Georgia's largest grad schools and eventually decide—what's next?

How safe are e-cigarettes?

What's the truth about e-cigarettes? Georgia State University’s School of Public Health aims to find out. The school and its partners will receive $19 million over five years—the largest grant in the university’s history—from the FDA and the National Institutes of Health to create one of fourteen Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science.

HOPE Scholarship: The cons

The letter arrived about three years too late. Six, really, but who’s counting? It said my younger son had been admitted to the University of Georgia. He’d put in his transfer application during a moment of uncertainty, but then decided to stay at Elon University in North Carolina. When both of my boys graduated from high school—each with HOPE-eligible GPAs—they wanted UGA or nothing.

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