My Style: Jerrimiah James owner Jerry Buckner

On sustainable style and more

Jerrimiah James owner Jerry Buckner
Jerry’s scarf and pants are by Saint Laurent. His shirt is by Brunello Cucinelli. The fan is from Duvelleroy, and his shoes are Crocs.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

After years of working for luxury brands like Tom Ford and Christian Dior, Jerry Buckner learned that the fashion industry is among the top polluters. (For example, it is responsible for 8 to 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.) In 2018, he launched a personal shopping business, Jerrimiah James, which helps clients with both purchases and consignments. This summer, he opened a showroom in Buckhead Village.

Neighborhood Buckhead

The epiphany One day, I realized I have so many pieces I absolutely love that I will never wear again. I was either never going to be that size again, or the piece had served its moment. I started gifting to friends and family. It all blossomed from there.

On sustainability and culture It has been an interesting journey because I am not the typical face of sustainability. I saw an opportunity to start a conversation with my peers.

Why Jerrimiah James The name combines my two favorite books of the Bible, Jeremiah and James, with the spelling of my own name.

Still, make it fashion My endeavor is to continue to do what I love, while showing men and women who enjoy shopping how to get more wear out of their clothing and think in a more holistic way.

Style statement Simple. Comfortable. Constant reinvention without the need to reintroduce new items.

Where to start The T-shirt. It can take 2,700 liters of water to produce enough cotton to make one T-shirt. My advice is to invest in a few good ones that will last and skip the fast fashion.

Pro Tip Washing denim can release microfibers, which pollute rivers and oceans. Since jeans can go several wears without washing, throw a pair in the freezer for an instant refresh.

Going out Wear an oversized tee and layer, layer, layer scarves, necklaces, a button-down on top, etc.

More men should try Painted nails—or at least a manicure

Fall must-have Leather jacket

This article appears in our October 2021 issue.