My Style: John Song, beatmaker, photographer, filmmaker

"Everything is connected when it comes to my self-expression."

John Song
John is wearing a Made on Earth hoodie, cargo shorts by the Hundreds, socks by Fila, and FZUU garden clogs. Sunglasses are DIFF x Star Wars: Boba Fett.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

First loves die hard. After trying unsuccessfully to break into the music industry, John Song gave up his childhood dream and pursued a degree in business. But after graduating from Georgia State University, he got his first job at a recording studio, Icon Studios. It cemented Song’s rightful place in the creative field and proved the universe has a sense of humor.

Neighborhood: Chamblee

On quarantine: As an introvert, the lockdown allowed me to achieve a sense of peace without feeling like I was always playing catch-up. I could just exist. It was an amazing opportunity to work on creative pursuits, such as recording music, designing apparel, and my photography and cinematography business.

Work and style: Everything is connected when it comes to my self-expression.

Brands that inspire: Stüssy, Herman Miller, Jordan, Issey Miyake, A.P.C., Aimé Leon Dore, Uniqlo

Summer go-to: Athleisure, but make it fashion

ATL fashion hit list: Goodwill, Goorin Bros., COS

Style statement: Futuristic, vintage, forever

Currently Cooking: Breakfast quesadillas

Music Inspo: Emawk, 53 Thieves, J Dilla

Road-trip bag: Flannel shirt, 501 Levis, classic Vans

Accessory: Sphinx pendant made by a Mexican artist from HART Jewelry, MF Doom ring from Etsy

Post-Covid pleasure: Live music

Grooming go-to: Cologne, always

This article appears at our June 2021 issue.