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My Style: Alex Delotch Davis

My Style: Alex Delotch Davis

With a mother who loves the arts and an exceedingly fashionable father, Alex Delotch Davis was certain to gravitate toward the beautiful things in life. A bold move away from a career in finance landed her as the manager of marketing and strategic partnerships at the High Museum of Art in 2019, where she leads the Driskell Prize and gala—the oldest national award celebrating Black art and artists.

My Style: DJ and filmmaker Mikkoh

Mikkoh was once a helluva engineer, but this Georgia Tech alum chose to follow her musical heart.
Miguel Wilson

My Style: Fashion designer Miguel Wilson

Growing up in Washington, D.C., Miguel Wilson learned from his stylish father and grandfather how to appreciate a well-made suit. But the Clark Atlanta University alum focused on a corporate career until investing in a North Carolina boutique got him professionally involved in fashion.
Bradley Odom

My Style: Dixon Rye founder Bradley Odom

After working for national retail brands like J. Crew and West Elm for more than 20 years, Bradley Odom knows shoppers are looking for an experience, not just products. The grandson of an upholsterer, he also inherited a passion for fine furnishings. Both influences shaped his vision for the interior design and home store Dixon Rye, which he opened at Westside Ironworks in 2015.
My Style: Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili

My Style: Le Bon Nosh founder Forough Vakili

In 2011, Georgia Tech alum and chemical engineer Forough Vakili could no longer deny her passion for the food industry, so she went to France to attend culinary school. From the beginning, she cared about more than a plate of food.
Marina Skye

My Style: Marina Skye, creative director and set designer

Marina Skye describes herself as a “mood magician”—best known for helping design Atlanta’s Trap Music Museum.
Zayden Skipper

My Style: Fashion designer Zayden Skipper

Now on the world stage as a Project Runway contestant, he’s set on building a global fashion brand here in Atlanta.
My Style: Madolyn Ropell, Director of Accounts at Ampersand

My Style: Madolyn Ropell, Director of Accounts at Ampersand

"You get to wear literal art!" is how Madolyn Ropell describes her love for fashion—admitting that her respect for the creativity, thoughtfulness, and love that go into creating garments sometimes makes her (unapologetically) the most overdressed person in a room.
Jamila Tarisai

My Style: Jamila Tarisai, owner of Beauty II Behold and Iconic Bride editor in chief

Stylist and writer Jamila Tarisai founded the first size-inclusive bridal magazine in 2019. She believes people of all sizes deserve a platform dedicated to celebrating their beauty, rather than having to wait for occasional special issues from other wedding publications.
John Song

My Style: John Song, beatmaker, photographer, filmmaker

After trying unsuccessfully to break into the music industry, John Song gave up his childhood dream and pursued a degree in business. But after graduating from Georgia State University, he got his first job at a recording studio, Icon Studios.

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