The incredible shrinking handbag: These trendy micro-purses are so tiny, they’re more like jewelry

Although diminutive in size, these bags are not short on personality

Tiny handbags
Jacquemus micro bag, $258,

Photograph by Tropico Photo

Does form always need to follow function? This season, apparently not. Handbags of the moment are smaller than the most petite clutch or crossbody phone case. Think about the proportions of statement jewelry, and you’re getting close. Pair these tiny wonders with extra-long coats and oversized sweaters. If you insist on practicality, adorn an average-sized bag (you know, one that can hold your phone, wallet, and keys) with a microaccessory on the handle. Although diminutive in size, these bags are not short on personality. All of the details, including zippers, clasps, and closures, are present and functional. And there’s no skimping on the quality of materials or construction. These babies are as luxe as their full-sized counterparts and sure to be a conversation starter.

Tiny handbags

Photograph by Tropico Photo

Leopard print:
3.1 Phillip Lim saddle-belt bag, $550,

Green: Gucci Plexiglas bag, $ 2,980, Gucci at Phipps Plaza,

Yellow: Fendi micro bag, $1,290, Fendi at Phipps Plaza,

Orange: Mark Cross box bag, $2,495,

Black: Building Block coin pouch, $207, building–

Blue/Pink/Yellow: Louis Vuitton lipstick case, $1,390,

This article appears in our February 2020 issue.