What I love and loathe about this spring season

Jess Graves, the voice behind local lifestyle blog the <a href="thelovelist.net">Love List</a>, on her obsessions and objections this season

Jess Graves The Love List
Micellar water

This French apothecary staple, with little oil molecules that dissolve makeup and debris, eliminates the need to rinse your face at night. One small victory for lazy people, filed next to dry shampoo.

Jess Graves The Love List

While they have no place on drapes anymore, they’ve found their way to my ears. I’m listening.

Kit and Ace
Taking the city by storm. My favorite super-wearable, minimal, comfy-cool brand is new to Ponce City Market and now opening at the Shops Buckhead Atlanta.

Jess Graves The Love List
Parking at Ponce City Market

As I just mentioned, Kit and Ace is now opening at the Shops Buckhead Atlanta, where I get three hours of free parking, thank you.

Have y’all heard of this app? It allows you to retouch selfies beyond the point of recognition. I’m all for a nice filter, but no need to go melted Barbie doll.

Jess Graves The Love List
Waist trainers

The latest get-skinny fad, à la Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. This medieval organ scruncher needs to go away in favor of some good old-fashioned crunches.

Illustrations by Claire McCracken

This article originally appeared in our Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Style Book.