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First Look: Grant Park’s new parking deck will have rooftop greenspace

Mayor Kasim Reed this morning is unveiling the city’s design for a 1,000-space, $48 million parking deck at Grant Park that will replace the space-wasting, seven-acre parking lot off Boulevard officials say is insufficient. The three-tier deck will be partially embedded into the hillside and—in a move that helped win support from the neighborhood and park advocates—capped by a green roof and a restaurant with views of the Downtown skyline in the distance.
Best metro Atlanta restaurants with free parking

The best metro Atlanta restaurants with free parking

Parking in Atlanta can be a nightmare, especially when all you want is a bite to eat. So we've rounded up where you can park for free. No, not complementary valet and no, not in the occasional open space found on a side street after rounding the block three times. These are free lots next to the restaurant itself.
Jess Graves The Love List

What I love and loathe about this spring season

Atlanta lifestyle blogger Jess Graves, of The Love List, shares her obsessions and objections this season, including Micellar water, tassels, and waist trainers.
PARKatlanta ticket

The end is nigh for PARKatlanta—now what?

PARKatlanta: “We want to be here. This is home for us. We take pride in what we do. We’d be a viable solution [for the next contract].”

December 2015: Dude, where’s my car?

If you were living here just a dozen years ago, then the changes you’re seeing now in pockets of intown Atlanta are nothing short of staggering.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Restaurant parking nightmares, and Sobban’s impressive garden

The absolute worst part about my otherwise enviable job? Parking. Depending on where I go, I’m left to navigate wonky meters, spiral-of-death garages (Empire State South), ridiculously steep terrain (Bell Street Burritos in south Buckhead), and dark, suspicious lots (basically everywhere in Little Five Points and East Atlanta).

PARKatlanta is doing something to make parking easier

The good news: You will be able to add time to your parking while finishing a meal or shopping without having to run out to the curb to stuff a meter with spare change. The bad news ...

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