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Fried Chicken Livers with Poached Peaches on Arugula

David Sweeney is best known for the stunning salads and vegan creations he served at his still-missed Old Fourth Ward restaurant, Dynamic Dish, which closed in 2010. He was born in Fort Gordon, Georgia, but his military family moved to Europe when he was young, and he lived there for nearly three decades.

Colorful Spring Salad

The four main ingredients—arugula, fennel, strawberries, and beets—represent everything we love about the spring garden. They're bright and refreshing, tender yet still grounded in their earthiness.

Rocket man, better known as Arugula

Ever since David Kamp’s book about the evolution of American cuisine, The United States of Arugula, came out in 2006, the peppery, once-unassuming salad green (also known as rocket) has been hijacked into a kind of shorthand for trendy cuisine.

Winter Squash Soup with Arugula Pesto

This simple soup from East Atlanta Village Farmers Market chef Seth Freedman allows the flavor of fresh winter squash to shine through. The addition of cream and a swirl of arugula pesto dresses it up for company.

Market Specials: A new recipe series

If you’ve ever been to a farmers market, you’ve certainly heard some variation on the following dialogue:Customer to vendor: “That’s pretty/unusual/compellingly bizarre-looking. What is it?” Vendor: “That’s a Hakurei turnip/black Spanish radish/Hubbard squash. It’s delicious!” Customer: “What do you do with it?”

Arugula Bread Salad

The best parts of the salad—peppery greens and homemade croutons—join forces with a flavorful (but simple) homemade dressing in this dish from Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta.

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