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Best of Atlanta 2023: What to Eat

Best of Atlanta 2023: Eat

Our 2023 Best of Atlanta picks for all things food-related—here's where you'll find great sushi, sandwiches, bread, vegan dishes, soul food, steak, desserts, and more.

Review: This Poncey-Highland restaurant is the best of the wurst

Not long ago, on the same morning that I reluctantly forked over $2.17 for a small pouch of M&M’s at my regular gas station, I paid $7 for a cortado and an excellent breakfast sandwich—eggs and bacon on a soft sesame-seed roll. How could such a thing be? In any event, I have since returned almost daily to the Best Sandwich Shop and the Wurst Beer Hall, chef Shaun Doty’s new restaurant combo in the former Moe’s space on Ponce de Leon Avenue.
Great sandwiches to try in Atlanta

Atlanta is in the midst of a sandwich boom. Here are 10 of our favorites.

India's original grilled cheese, a true Chicago Italian beef, a monster cold cut, a bargain egg and cheddar, and more handhelds you need to try.

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