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Ruth E. Carter

Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth. E. Carter on women’s empowerment, Atlanta, and the writers’ strike

Lately, Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter spends most of her days at Tyler Perry Studios working on an undisclosed project. But last Thursday, she visited the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre for several hours, empowering women and sharing hard-earned lessons from her storied career.
Brandon Sadler Atlanta artist

Atlanta artist Brandon Sadler draws inspiration from American graffiti and Asian art forms

Brandon Sadler's work caught the eye of Hannah Beachler, who hired him to paint the walls in Shuri’s (T’Challa’s sister) laboratory for Black Panther—one of the sets that helped Beachler become the first African American to be nominated for, and then the first to win, an Oscar for production design.
Ruth E. Carter SCAD

From Black Panther to Malcom X, Ruth E. Carter’s costumes on display at SCAD FASH

Longtime costume designer Ruth E. Carter’s over 30 year history in film is documented in the engaging SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film exhibition “Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Costume Design” open through September 12, 2021.
Ruth E. Carter H&M Collection Atlanta

Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter arrives in Atlanta to show off her new H&M collection

Ruth E. Carter, who won the Oscar for Costume Design for her work in Black Panther, hosted a party for her new H&M collection at Georgia Railroad Freight Depot on February 21 that featured props, personal memorabilia, and costumes she designed for Black Panther, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Dolemite Is My Name, Do The Right Thing, and Malcolm X.
Dragon Con 2018

What we saw at Dragon Con 2018: Deadpool, a Marriott memorial, and lots of soccer fans

Deadpool was the costume of the con, someone set up a memorial to the Marriott Marquis carpet, Stacey Abrams made a cameo, and Atlanta United fans lead their own mini parade.
Dragon Con 2018 costume gallery photos

Our favorite costumes from Dragon Con 2018

Check out our photo gallery of our favorite costumes from Dragon Con 2018, including Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars, Deadpool, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and more.
WakandaForeverEver Black Panther Outkast

Listen: #WakandaForeverEver mashes the Black Panther soundtrack with Outkast

Wakanda meets Stankonia in a new mixtape from hip-hop producer J. Period, who layered Outkast's vocals over the score and soundtrack of Black Panther to create #WakandaForeverEver.
What's fimling in Atlanta now

What’s filming in Atlanta now? The Front Runner, Cobra Kai, Donald Glover’s Atlanta, Ant-Man, and more

Hugh Jackman's The Front Runner, Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai, FX's Atlanta, and Ant-Man and the Wasp are just a few of the movies and TV shows filming in Atlanta now.
What's filming in Atlanta?

What’s filming in Atlanta now? Manifesto, Den of Thieves, Pitch Perfect 3, plus TV pilots

Manifesto, a Kevin Spacey-produced Discovery Channel series on the FBI's take down of prolific criminals, is just one of the many movies and TV shows filming around town this month.

What’s filming in Atlanta now? Pitch Perfect 3, Den of Thieves, Black Panther, Stranger Things, and Donald Glover’s latest role

Pitch Perfect 3, heist thriller Den of Thieves, Marvel's Black Panther, Stranger Things, and Netflix's Come Sunday are just a few of the movies and TV shows filming in town. Plus, Donald Glover just can't wait to be king.

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