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No Jeni’s Ice Cream? 5 cool alternatives to beating the heat

With the mercury pushing 100 degrees this week and that wonderful Georgia humidity out in full force, the timing couldn’t be worse for the retailer. In the meantime, here are five sweet alternatives to staying cool.

The Christiane Chronicles: Atlanta’s best cakes, and what’s so Southern about fried food?

I have nothing against pies, but when it comes to the ancient debate pitching pie lovers against cake fanatics, I align myself firmly with the second group.

Technique: Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. owner Kristen Hard on how to temper chocolate

Dip a marshmallow, a pretzel, or even a graham cracker into a bath of melted chocolate, and suddenly, the mundane becomes magical. But here’s the catch: If you’re using fine, unadulterated chocolate—as opposed to artificially flavored coatings fortified with vegetable oils—you must temper it first.

A preview of Cacao Buckhead

I stopped by to check out the progress on the second location of Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. at 2815 Peachtree Road in Buckhead. Bad news first: It won’t be open in time for the Valentine’s Day chocolate run (though the original Inman Park store is certainly cranking out truffles nonstop these days; try the brand-new cherry cordials). The good news? This place is going to be stunning, and will encourage lingering more than the tiny, hidden Inman Park shop.

Cacao’s Kristen Hard

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t like the fierce, bitter taste of dark chocolate. Like all French children, I grew up on chocolate croissants, peeling off the buttery dough to access the vein of pure delight. Later on, I pressed my face against the windows of Paris’s most renowned chocolate artisans, anticipating the one truffle or glossy bonbon I would buy with hoarded money.

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