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Elemental Spirits Co

Poncey-Highland bottle shop Elemental Spirits Co. is stocked with rare spirits and natural wines

Opening a business just a couple of weeks before the pandemic shut down the economy may seem like spectacular bad luck. But Cory Atkinson made it work.

Which is the right sparkling wine for your party?

Is there any party that can’t be instantly improved by the sound of a cork popping for sparkling wine? But not all bubbles are created equally: you might want the best champagne or a rowdy midnight toast with Solo cups. To help you plan, we sat down with sommelier Steven Grubbs, wine director at Empire State South, for a blind tasting of four sparkling wines.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Stop swirling your Champagne, you idiot

Champagnes and other sparkling wines are fragile! Swirl them and they’ll go flat, which means you lose the aromatics that the bubbles are meant to deliver.
Sparkling Wine

Go beyond Champagne this New Year’s with these sparkling wines

The celebratory yet stressful nature of the holiday season calls for one quencher: bubbly. The good thing is that there are options; these days, you can find world-class sparkling wines from all across the globe. The bad news: Finding the right bottle can be pretty intimidating. I’m here to help.

Moët & Chandon winemaker talks grower Champagne, glassware, and decanting

It’s unlikely that a region will ever dethrone the bubbly, kingly wines of Champagne, a land indebted to its particularly cool climate and chalky, limestone soil. Last week we sat down to taste rosé Champagne with Elise Losfelt, a sixth-generation winemaker and one of ten for Moët & Chandon.

The Love List: Holiday musings

As ever, I’ll be throwing my holiday party, and I’ve set the unfortunate precedent of serving fancy cocktails. So now there’s pressure to perform.

How to saber a Champagne bottle

Shake up your holiday gathering this year by beheading your bottle of bubbly. “Sabering”—lobbing off the cork with a sword—is a time-honored tradition in Europe. A knife will sub just fine for an actual saber.

Butter Bean Soup or Lima Bean and Champagne Soup

From "New Southern Cooking" by Nathalie Dupree

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