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Who lives in Atlanta? Who will be here in the future? A look at the data

Race has always been the throughline in every significant discussion about Atlanta, but as the metro area grows ever more diverse, the story is much more than black and white
Old Towne Morrow

Will the abandoned Olde Towne Morrow be revived?

Ten minutes south of the Atlanta airport, off Interstate 75’s Exit 233, past the Cracker Barrel, the vape store, and the Harley Davidson dealer, the road behind Southlake Mall leads to what might pass for a movie set done up to look like Mayberry. There you’ll find rose bushes in bloom, vintage homes with broad front porches, manicured landscapes. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll spy the broken glass, the boarded-up windows, and the drywall in shambles.
Evelyn Wynn-Dixon

Meet the Other Mayors: Evelyn Wynn-Dixon, Riverdale

The spirited 66-year-old grandmother of seven recently won her third term as mayor of the Clayton County city of 16,500.
Clayton Co. vs. DeKalb Co.

Clayton County vs. DeKalb County: A scandal scorecard

Not long ago, Clayton County was metro Atlanta’s cautionary example of municipal dysfunction. Then came DeKalb. We rank each venality out of 10.
Keith Parker

Keith Parker puts us back on track

MARTA CEO Keith Parker's biggest project yet is the construction of three new rail lines expected to cost upwards of $8 billion. In MARTA’s history, the ambition of Parker’s expansion plan is rivaled only by the ambition behind the agency’s creation five decades ago.
Keith Parker

10. Keith Parker

In less than three years, Parker has transformed MARTA from a dysfunctional organization headed toward privatization into a well-run transit system that has fixed its budget woes and expanded into Clayton County.

Utopian Ambition: A Clayton County charter school challenges the status quo

The students of Utopian Academy for the Arts are being called on the carpet. Yesterday, their middle school mischief found the classic victim: a substitute teacher. The seventh-grade science room grew so loud that the classes on either side could hear the commotion through the walls.

Tweets of the Day: Flaming truck of tuna edition

Atlanta traffic has been snarled by all kinds of debris and destruction. But a flaming transport truck loaded with tuna? That's a new one. But so appropriate for Good Friday, don't you think?

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