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Full Radius Dance

Redefining movement at Full Radius Dance, Georgia’s only pro dance company for people with and without disabilities

Full Radius Dance is the only physically integrated professional dance company in Georgia, bringing together dancers with and without disabilities. How Douglas Scott created the company and what it means to its dancers.
What do Atlanta Ballet dancers eat?

What do Atlanta Ballet dancers eat?

Most professional athletes adhere to strict meal plans. NBA and NFL players rely on chefs and meal coaches who guide their day-to-day nutrition. Ballet is one of the most athletic art forms, yet even the most prestigious dance programs don’t employ personal chefs.
Atlanta Ballet begins to diversify

How the Atlanta Ballet is working to become more diverse

Seven months into his tenure as executive director of Atlanta Ballet, Tom West saw a line item on the pay scale that didn’t seem right. Dancers entering the company under its apprentice program were paid less than $500 a week. Company leaders noted that apprenticeships are standard practice in the field. But the low-paying program was one of several barriers faced by young dancers from historically underrepresented communities—the very dancers Atlanta Ballet has struggled to attract. Atlanta’s population is close to 50 percent Black, and until recently, Atlanta Ballet’s roster had only a token few Black artists.
Your 2023 Atlanta fall arts calendar

ArtsATL’s picks for must-see events this fall

We teamed up with ArtsATL to create a must-do arts calendar for this fall.
A love letter to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

A love letter to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Tickets often have to be secured months before. I’ve likened performances to family reunions. I don’t know everyone’s names, but there is surely a connection: the love of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. From a dancer’s outstretched body, a tip of a hat, and the twirl of an umbrella, to how fabrics flow with every bend and bow, each act is its own happening and affirmation—as if to say, Everything’s going to be all right.
Atlanta artists to watch 2021

6 Atlanta artists to watch in 2021

We asked our colleagues at ArtsATL to tell us whose work they are most eager to see this fall. Here are six artists stirring up the city’s arts scene.
Must-see Atlanta arts events 2021

This fall’s must-see Atlanta arts events

We asked our friends at ArtsATL to help us create a roundup of the theater performances, art exhibitions, concerts, and other art events you won't want to miss this fall.
Quiantae Thomas Hamilton

Atlanta native Quiantae Thomas’s Hamilton homecoming

The 25-year-old College Park native shares her journey from couch surfing in Manhattan to being in the room where it happens with an ensemble role in Hamilton's touring cast, which performs in Atlanta at the Fox Theatre this month.
Jalaiah Harmon

60 Voices: Jalaiah Harmon and Sean Bankhead on going viral

"Renegade" dance creator Jalaiah Harmon and choreographer and dancer Sean Bankhead talk about viral fame, the pandemic's effect on the dance industry, and young creativity.
Atlanta creatives

60 Voices: Atlanta’s rising creative class is gaining new recognition on the national scene

Atlanta’s rising creative community­—from film producers to choreographers to painters—is gaining new recognition on the national scene. Here, six of these artists discuss what's next.

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