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Memories at Emory

Remember that time when you were a year old and you... Well, probably not. Our earliest childhood memories usually only go back to when we were about three years old. And most of those memories start fading around age seven.

Saddest and happiest NFL fans

If you're a Falcons fan, you're probably in an OK mood this morning. There was no big win or big loss yesterday to make you exceptionally happy or sad. Two Emory business professors studied the happiness and sadness quotient of NFL fans after a win or loss. Much of their research involved analyzing Twitter after a game to see how fans reacted.


Michelle LaPlaca, associate professor of biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech, and David Wright, an expert in neuroscience and emergency medicine developed DETECT, a device that better diagnoses concussion.

Local hospitals rated on mortality and complications

Need knee replacement surgery or emergency help for a heart attack? The hospital you choose can make a huge difference in whether you have complications or literally make it out alive.

Emory endowment for palliative care

The Emory School of Nursing just received a $6.5 million endowment to establish a palliative care fellowship program to develop nurse leaders in the growing field of care for people facing life-threatening and chronic illness.

Feeling good about puppies and babies

If you heard that someone abused a puppy, a child, and an adult, which would affect you the most? That was the focus of some of the more interesting research released when the American Sociological Association met in New York this week. The study, by sociology professors at Northeastern University, found that people have more empathy for battered puppies and dogs and children than they do for adults.

Top hospitals in Georgia

Of the eight top hospitals in Atlanta according to U.S. News & World Report, two of them have nationally ranked specialties. Emory University Hospital and Shepherd Center, the top ranked local hospitals on the list, have national areas of expertise.

Fear of flying

Afraid to fly? Emory wants you. Researchers are conducting a clinical trial using virtual reality to tackle fear of the not-so-friendly skies. Although virtual reality exposure therapy has been used before, researchers are adding a new twist. They want to see if this will prevent a relapse.

East studies West at Emory

Sherub Tenzin slowly stepped out from beneath the large crag where he and his six friends were hiding. The bitter Himalayan winds pierced his sweater, which was lined with 1,000 rupees.

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