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The White Bull

Review: The White Bull takes the concept of housemade to the next level

The farm-to-table dishes at The White Bull need some editing, but there's no doubting the sincerity and talent underpinning this downtown Decatur restaurant.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Restaurant parking nightmares, and Sobban’s impressive garden

The absolute worst part about my otherwise enviable job? Parking. Depending on where I go, I’m left to navigate wonky meters, spiral-of-death garages (Empire State South), ridiculously steep terrain (Bell Street Burritos in south Buckhead), and dark, suspicious lots (basically everywhere in Little Five Points and East Atlanta).

Try a winter community-supported agriculture program

Most Community-Supported Agriculture programs take a break during winter, but a few keep going, offering greens and root vegetables such as kale, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Barn to Bun: How many miles do the ingredients in your burger travel?

We thought this would be easy: Call a restaurant, ask them where they source their ingredients, and tally the miles. Turns out, tracing the farm-to-table distance of several of Atlanta’s “local” burgers isn’t so simple. See how they stack up.

Atlanta Harvest hopes to create farms inside the perimeter

Created by Georgia Tech alumnus Corbin Klett and Emory University alumnus Bethaney Herrington, Atlanta Harvest is an organization focused on increasing consumer access to local, organic produce in the metro Atlanta area. To support local agriculture and economy, they are raising money to build farms in impoverished neighborhoods inside the perimeter.

Party with farmers, chefs at Field of Greens

A few years ago, Field of Greens was a cute little festival where you’d take a drive out into the country, tour a pretty farm, check out a few displays and buy a few vegetables, pet some goats, and head home. No longer. These days, it is an Event. In fact, it’s the region’s premier farm-to-table celebration.

Acheson kicks off “Farm to Table and Back” series

ATL Food Chatter: April 19, 2010 (To receive the Chatter and other culinary tidbits directly in your inbox, sign up for our weekly dining newsletter)Last Thursday, I had my first taste of Hugh Acheson’s cooking—at a fundraiser organized and hosted by JCT Kitchen called “Farm to Table and Back.” If this was any indication of what the Athens-based James Beard nominee will be serving at his forthcoming Atlanta spot, Empire State South, then Atlanta’s dining scene will definitely have a new star in its universe.

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