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A field guide to Atlanta barbecue

A field guide to Atlanta barbecue

The 28-country metro area has at least 350 barbecue eateries鈥攏ot just stand-alone restaurants, but food trucks and pop-ups and kiosks and lots of places doing things that don't fit the standard definition of Southern barbecue. It isn't just chopped pork anymore.
50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta

50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta and Beyond

Time to get outside and play! From basketball to fishing to hiking to hanging out in a hammock, here's 50 great things to do outdoors around Atlanta.
What鈥檚 holding back Atlanta鈥檚 food trucks鈥攁nd what鈥檚 being done about it

What鈥檚 holding back Atlanta鈥檚 food trucks鈥攁nd what鈥檚 being done about it

Costs and red tape鈥攑lus strict municipal regulations about where food trucks can do their business鈥攈ave conspired to stifle the growth of the industry in the Atlanta area, keeping trucks at the fringes of the dining scene. Some relief, though, is on the horizon.
Upper Westside Yard Food Truck Park

The new Upper Westside Yard food truck park aims to be a community space for Riverside

In just three months, Lenise Williams transformed an outdoor space near the former B's Cracklin into a food truck park where Riverside residents will have more options for not only food, but also games and entertainment.
9th Ave Street Food

In West End, 9th Avenue Street Food truck serves up jerk chicken Philly sandwiches and lamb nachos

9th Ave Street Food founders Angelique Ribeiro and Jasmine Whittingham leased a parking lot at 638 Evans Street, where they park their truck and serve lamb nachos, barbecue turkey sliders, salmon nuggets, banana foster nuggets, and more at what Ribeiro calls an outdoor restaurant.

Prop贸sito taco truck sets up shop in Lindbergh

Prop贸sito, a new blue and white food truck that sits in the parking lot of the Exxon at the corner of Lindbergh Drive and Piedmont Road, opened two weeks ago. It serves breakfast and lunch tacos with classic Mexican flavors such as barbacoa and al pastor pork, along with quesadillas and icy bottles of Mexican Coke.

This is the best Cuban sandwich in Atlanta

Cuban bakery Buena Gente operates out of an adorable, mobile pink and blue pill- shaped "ventanita," and their Cuban sandwich is the city's best.
Where to eat during Dragon Con

These are the geeky treats you’ll want to eat during Dragon Con

Atlanta bars, restaurants, hotels, and food trucks are letting loose with some cool geek-themed food and drink in the spirit of the Con, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.
Food trucks

Here are Atlanta鈥檚 coolest (and newest) food trucks in 2016

Nineteen of the 99 food trucks recognized by the Atlanta Street Food Coalition opened this year. Here are the ones that caught our attention.

Yumbii to open its first permanent location in Brookwood Village

Even though Carson Young is planning to open multiple locations of Yumbii, his food trucks aren鈥檛 going anywhere. 鈥淥ur roots will always be in the food truck space,鈥 he says. 鈥淏ut after finding the right location, we鈥檙e excited to finally open a permanent taco stand.鈥

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