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Keeping it cozy at F&B

When restaurateur Fabrice Vergez closed Downtown’s French American Brasserie (F.A.B.) last year, plans for a smaller locale were already underway. F&B opened this past summer, a “rustic neighborhood bistro” that holds plenty of charm and allure for its predominantly Buckhead-based clientele.

Downtown Restaurant Week is in full swing in the city’s convention district

Just days after the mammoth Microsoft convention worked wonders for the finances of struggling restaurants, hotels and attractions downtown, comes a flood of foodies this week and next, eager to slurp up some savings during Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week.

Bistro Niko

Stepping into the blast of noise and spectacle generated by a new Buckhead Life Restaurant Group extravaganza always reminds me of that moment when Rick Moranis unwittingly opens the door to another universe in Ghostbusters. The brilliant light causes me to squint. I imagine my hair mussed from the rush of energy.

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