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Skyline Park Ponce City Market Roof

What to see (and what to skip) at Ponce City Market’s Skyline Park

Twirl on the heege tower, sip a frozen bourbon & coke, and skip the walking taco. How to get the most out of your trip to Ponce City Market's rooftop carnival.

New Adult Playground: Topgolf Midtown

Don’t be put off by the name. The new intown outpost of this behemoth indoor fairway is less country club and more upscale sports bar/party space.
Tom Houck Civil Rights Tour

New Tour: Tom Houck’s Civil Rights Tour

Civil Rights Tour Atlanta, a new three-hour tour organized by Houck, the former aide and driver to Martin Luther King Jr., offers an insider’s perspective into the daily lives of Atlanta’s heralded activists.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Literary Geek Gathering: Write Club Atlanta

You wouldn’t necessarily expect a “battle royale” theme at a literary event. But it’s what makes Write Club Atlanta—a spirited competition in which two of the city’s best wordsmiths go head-to-head—so exciting.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Spooky Sightseeing: Roswell Ghost Tour

In this two-and-a-half-hour walking tour, paranormal investigators lead you through Historic Roswell’s most haunted locales after dark.
Legos MODA

Cheap Date: Legos and Local Brew at MODA

Everything is awesome at the design museum’s brick-building nights.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Place to See Experimental Dance: Tanz Farm

Since launching in 2012, Tanz Farm—the brainchild of Goat Farm coowner Anthony Harper and Glo founding artist Lauri Stallings—has fulfilled its mission of becoming a destination for cutting-edge contemporary dance.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Indie film institution: Videodrome

With 18,000 titles, it’s the only place where the city’s cinephiles can nab obscure flicks—like local music documentary Benjamin Smoke—alongside the latest mainstream releases.
Free Art Friday

Urban Scavenger Hunt: Free Art Friday

Every week, local creators hide small pieces of art on windowsills, inside phone booths, and on MARTA train platforms—all in the spirit of Free Art Friday, an international movement to bring art to the masses.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Way to Play Tourist: Unseen Underground Walking Tour

Think you know everything there is to know about Atlanta? You might be surprised if you join local architect Jeff Morrison on his whenever-he-feels-like-it trek into downtown’s Gulch.

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