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Best of Atlanta 2015

New Children’s Museum: Worlds of Puppetry

At this new 7,500-square-foot addition to the Center for Puppetry Arts, kids can glimpse beloved Jim Henson characters, hear a story in the Sesame Street reading nook, and get inspired in the creature workshop.
Atlanta Botanical Garden

Green Expansion: Atlanta Botanical Garden

The garden spread its tendrils this spring with two new spaces totaling nearly 200 acres. In Midtown, the previously undeveloped Gardens in Storza Woods, one of Atlanta’s last remaining mature hardwood forests, opened in May, the first new addition since 2010’s Canopy Walk.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Place to Get Over Your Fear of Heights: Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center

From the top of the 60-foot main wall at Stone Summit in northeast Atlanta, you can almost see . . . Russia? Or maybe that’s just the high of accomplishment talking.

Winter Pool Party: Bethesda Park Aquatic Center

There’s nothing like a little hydro-therapy to combat the cold-weather doldrums, and guess what: Not all of our public pools close after Labor Day.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Gallery for Emerging and Established Artists: Mason Fine Art

For more than a decade, Mason Fine Art has been a place where artists whose works are exhibited at major museums like the Whitney are displayed right alongside those who set up shop on Moreland Avenue.
Fire in the Fourth

New Festival: Fire in the Fourth

A devastating fire seems like an unlikely catalyst for celebration, but this past May, Old Fourth Ward residents debuted Fire in the Fourth, designed to honor the neighborhood’s resilience and celebrate its more recent revitalization from 20th-century blight.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Indoor Playspace: Catch Air

If you’ve got a wound-up kid on a rainy day, this is the place to set them loose. At its six metro Atlanta locations, Catch Air caters to the elementary-school-and-under set, with a special area for toddlers.
classic hip-hop radio

Personal Endorsement: Classic Hip-Hop Radio

Gen X has been associated so closely with grunge, it’s easy to forget that we also came of age during the golden era of hip-hop.

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