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Goat Farm Atlanta redevelopment

The Goat Farm Arts Center will soon be five times bigger. Can it hold on to its magic?

Later this year, the roughly 500 artists who build, create, and essentially live at the Goat Farm will relocate to spaces in Castleberry Hill, Old Fourth Ward, downtown Atlanta, and other areas as the property begins a $250 million redevelopment. The transformation, which will add live-work units and a hotel, will allow the Goat Farm to expand its mission, the owner says.
Masquerade Wrecking Ball

The Masquerade hosts its final Old Fourth Ward encore

How do you celebrate the beginning of the end of the Masquerade? An alternative music festival in the dog days of summer is a good way to start.
Loblolly mattresses

Goat Farm-based Loblolly creates a mattress for millennials

Loblolly produces a memory foam–type product full of “sleepy goodness.” It arrives in a compact cardboard box, which you slice open with a letter opener–like tool.
Tian Justman

Atlanta fashion and arts community remembers Tian Justman

After a long battle with cancer, local stylist, designer, and all-around creator Tian Justman has died. She was 33.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Place to See Experimental Dance: Tanz Farm

Since launching in 2012, Tanz Farm—the brainchild of Goat Farm coowner Anthony Harper and Glo founding artist Lauri Stallings—has fulfilled its mission of becoming a destination for cutting-edge contemporary dance.
Royal Tour Bicycles

Editor’s Pick: Royal Tour Bicycles

While living in Spain, Paul Atkins became enamored with the picturesque pedaling culture in Europe. He was so inspired that when he returned to the U.S., he decided to hand-build his own cruisers.

At Goat Farm, a chef-turned-knifesmith forges blades by hand

Thirty-six-year-old David Sturgis was once the chef at Farm 255 in Athens and later at Muss & Turner’s in Smyrna, but today you can find him in the machine shop at the Goat Farm, forging light carbon steel knives by hand for local chefs.

Let the (Hunger) Games begin

Before you go all rooting for kindhearted Katniss, consider this: We have our own district tribute in the fight with Atlanta native Stephanie Leigh Schlund, who plays Cashmere. And she’s not just any tribute: She’s from the beautiful, bloodthirsty District One, where career tributes are hardened from birth for vicious war.

What are you doing this weekend? November 15 – 17

We’ve got a few suggestions for things to do to remind yourself that the city really is a great place to be—no matter what our home team thinks.

What are you doing this weekend? October 25 – 27

For a more foodie-informed take, check out Carly Cooper's preview in Covered Dish.

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