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The staying power of the Gullah Geechee community

The staying power of the Gullah Geechee community

Once you’ve taken a left turn at Landing Road from Highway 99 southbound, roll down your car windows. As you drive east toward the Sapelo Island Visitors Center near Darien, you’ll pass beneath arching oak branches draped in long, lingering Spanish moss, and you’ll begin to notice a different kind of breeze—the rare sort of air that fills lungs with wistful history. But a fog of encroachment is making the future murky for the island’s Hog Hammock community.
Gullah Geechee reunion brunch

A Gullah Geechee reunion brunch at the Herndon Home

Many African American families in Georgia have roots in the Sea Islands, often expressed through food that revolves around seafood and rice and okra, which were introduced to the Americas from West Africa during the slave trade.

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