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Anne Rivers Siddons obituary

The Lady of Us: Remembering Anne Rivers Siddons

In almost every way, Anne Rivers Siddons balanced the anger and righteousness and fragility of the ’60s with passion and good sense. She had the best soul of the lot of us.

Interview: Author Colleen Oakley of Before I Go

This month, journalist Colleen Oakley publishes her debut novel, Before I Go, a poignant look at issues of death, life, coping, and letting go. I spoke with her about craft and making the transition from true life to fiction.

Atlanta author Colleen Oakley releases debut novel Before I Go

In her poignant debut novel, Before I Go, local freelance journalist Colleen Oakley uses likable characters and gallows humor to explore issues of death, life, coping, and letting go.

Five summer beach reads

Honestly, beach reading is really more about a state of mind than the tangible location. Whether you’re actually sitting surfside or lounging near your condo pool or simply taking a long lunch break or passing time on MARTA, these titles from local authors promise an escape from workaday reality.

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