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A hotel room with a gorgeous view of Midtown Atlanta

What it’s like living full-time in a five-star Atlanta hotel

Some people live full-time in high-rise hotels that come with room service, housekeeping, spas, and more—spending between $700,000 and $4 million.
Celebrities in Atlanta

These are the neighborhoods celebrities stay in while filming in Atlanta

As Hollywood continues to choose Atlanta as a prime filming destination—Georgia productions generated more than $9.5 billion in impact last year—actors, crews, and other talent are infiltrating Atlanta neighborhoods and sometimes even setting down roots. From Buckhead to Midtown to Pinewood Forest, here’s where they hang their hats.

Saltwood’s weekday salad bar is Midtown’s best-kept lunch secret

During its weekday lunch service, Saltwood Charcuterie and Bar at the Loews Atlanta Hotel has an amazing, all-you-can-eat salad bar with a ton of toppings to choose from and even unlimited housemade potato chips served on the side.

Four words: Dogs in Halloween costumes

As one first-time Costumes on the Woof attendee observed as he scurried back to the bar Tuesday night, "My God, it looks like 'Best in Show' had a head-on collision with 'Toddlers & Tiaras' in here." Welcome to the third annual Halloween pet costume contest and benefit for Canine Assistants at the Loews hotel in Midtown where festively outfitted pooches and their owners try to outdo each other with a sea of sequins, flocks of feathers or a glitzy YouTube channel dedicated to their dog's accomplishments.

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