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Room Envy: Studying meets style in this home office

Who wouldn’t be more productive in an office this striking? At this Columbus house, interior designer Chenault James created a multipurpose room to accommodate a mother and her two tween daughters, providing a spot for paying bills and doing homework.


In this brave new world of oddball and doctor-disapproved exercise regimens—where people use electric shocking belts in their desperate attempts to develop six-pack stomachs—there must be a product that can help sedentary lawyers fulfill their office-bound dreams of chiseled bodies, right?

ATL on TV: Ed Helms hosts SNL

The Office star hosted this past weekend's SNL while promoting his forthcoming movie, The Hangover 2 (senior editor Amanda Heckert profiled the Brookwood native two years ago when the original was just coming out). While most of the episode was forgettable or regrettable, including a cringe-inducing opening monologue, there were some hilarious standouts. One in particular featured the Westminster grad in

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