The best metro Atlanta restaurants with free parking

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Best metro Atlanta restaurants with free parking

Illustration by Yoyo Ferro

Moving to Atlanta from New York City has been wonderful—thank you, Southern hospitality!—but the one bummer, the one thing that truly cramps my style, is driving. Well, not driving itself, but the thing that comes between driving and depositing my person inside any particular location: parking. Having to think about where to stow that big metal machine every time I need to travel any significant distance is a real B. (B as in bummer. What did you think I meant?) Plus it costs.

So I’ve done something for both of us: I compiled a list of all the Atlanta magazine-approved restaurants that offer free parking.

This does not include restaurants with free valet. Even if the service is complimentary, a good Southerner (you) will still tip the attendant, and $3-$5 does not equal $0. I’m talking free parking.

And when I say parking, I mean in a lot next to the restaurant. The occasional open space found on a side street after rounding the block three times does not count. I want you to be able to pull up, turn off the engine, walk ten feet, and enjoy your steak or fried chicken or ramen or whatever. Are parking lots are beautiful? No. Are they necessary when I’m rushing to a dinner after work with no time to scour the streets? Yes.

Click through the map below to get the low-down. And if you know of any restaurants I missed, please do let me know in the comments.

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