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Cat’s Got My Heart

I think my cat is cursed. For one, she doesn’t appear to age, and I know for a fact that she is twenty-one years old. I picked her out after my vet gave me the false prognosis that my other cat, Lucy, had six months to live.

Alone on the Grange

Dr. Donna Thompson, though, is not like most vets; she does not shy away from any hurting animal, except maybe, she concedes, a rattlesnake.

Swoop, There She Is

My cats smell like tobacco again, which can only mean one thing: My sister Cheryl has come to visit.

Puddles of Love

I thought I was past the point in my life when foolish decisions would put me in danger of waking up in puddles of unfamiliar urine, but I’m told this is what I get for sleeping with strangers.

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