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Atlanta ice cream floats

How to make the coolest ice cream floats with Atlanta-made ingredients

Root beer + vanilla? Just the beginning. You can assemble an ice cream float in a hundred different ways—with an icebox full of local products. Here are a few made-in-Atlanta combos to get you started.
Atlanta restaurants support families separated at U.S. border

How Atlanta restaurants are showing support for border families

Ticonderoga Club's Paul Calvert and Little Tart Bakeshop's Sarah O'Brien are working to rally Atlanta restaurateurs to support the efforts of those trying to help children who have been detained and separated from their families at the U.S. border.

Former 8Arm baker Sarah Dodge has a breakfast pop-up at Queen of Cream

Sarah Dodge's biscuits, bread, and cinnamon rolls are now available at Queen of Cream in Old Fourth Ward on Saturday and Sunday—and you don't want to miss out.
Cora Cotrim Queen of Cream

Queen of Cream’s Cora Cotrim reveals the worst ice cream flavor she ever made

Queen of Cream cofounder Cora Cotrim discusses how she got into the ice cream business, Stranger Things, and her favorite cookbooks.
Queen of Cream

New Ice Cream: Queen of Cream

Cora Cotrim’s charming ice cream carts still show up at farmers markets, but now you can find her every day in a brick-and-mortar parlor in the Old Fourth Ward.
Queen of Cream

Queen of Cream thrives on grassroots energy

Using milk from Southern Swiss Dairy out of Waynesboro, Cora Cotrim concocts creative flavors like brown butter–whiskey–pecan and cold-brewed coffee with cacao nibs.

Fruttela closes in Inman Park; Queen of Cream takes over

One frozen treat maker’s loss is another’s gain. Frozen yogurt shop Fruttela has closed its Inman Park location, and Queen of Cream Cora Cotrim is set to open her first brick and mortar spot there this summer.

Queen of Cream launches frozen goodies cart in Atlanta

There’s a new queen in town. Cora Cotrim, affectionately nicknamed the Queen of Cream, has started an ice cream company of the same name and will be giving out samples like caramelized banana and coffee-donut this Saturday at Empire State South.

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