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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day “Heart of Cream” Cake

If you’re looking for an easy but stunning dessert for your Valentine, check out this classic Coeur à la crème, which translates literally to “heart of cream.” The most difficult part of the recipe...

Galette des Rois (King Cake)

As a child, one of my favorite months was January. Every year on Epiphany day (January 6th), my mom would spoil us with a “Galette des Rois,” known here in the states as a...

Cranberry upside down cake

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the traditional pumpkin pie is an obvious dinner finale. Those looking for something different should consider this cranberry upside down cake, which combines fresh cranberries and raspberry jam and can be made the night before.

In season: Asha Gomez’s fig molasses upside down cake

Asha Gomez shares her fig molasses upside down cake recipe as the fall fruit's season peaks.

Upside-down caramelized apple pie

Apples are starting to drop from trees, which means it’s time to make one of my favorite fall desserts, the Tarte Tatin. Also known as an upside-down caramelized apple pie, this French classic works...

David Roberts’ gingered peach cobbler with Mom’s streusel topping

Long before Roberts learned how to toy with foie gras under Guenter Seeger, another mentor showed him moves in the kitchen: his mom, Jean Roberts. Today, some of her best creations—like her creamy macaroni and cheese—are signatures at Community Q.

Joseph Ward’s Modernist applesauce cake

Among the kitchen crew at Kevin Gillespie’s Glenwood Park restaurant, Ward is the modernist—the one who likes to take recipes that are part of American pop culture (beef Wellington, ranch dressing, cheeseburgers) and reimagine them.

Strawberry Buttermilk Ice With Citrus-Cornmeal Shortbread

These two easy recipes join forces for a refreshingly light dessert that tastes of springtime. Use the sweetest and ripest strawberries you can get for the ice, which goes together in minutes and can be made without an ice cream maker. I can’t wait to try this with peaches and other fruits! While any good prepared shortbread would make a lovely accompaniment, I really love this version with its delicate cornmeal crunch and hints of citrus and vanilla. You roll the dough into logs and chill them, and when ready to bake, you roll them in cornmeal, giving the edges of the cookies a pleasantly sandy texture. – Susan Puckett

Fresh Lime Pie with Gingersnap-Pecan Crust

Purists insist there is no substitute for the distinctively acidic flavor of the ping pong ball-sized, yellow-skinned Key lime, but since I rarely see them at the supermarket I routinely use the more commonplace Persian limes instead for making the classic custard pie. I prefer the fresh taste to that of bottled, especially with a  good dose of grated zest mixed in. To crank up the flavor even more,  I bake it in a crust made of gingersnaps and pecans instead of graham crackers. It’s so easy and refreshing and everyone loves it, whichever lime variety you use. – Susan Puckett

Chocolate Oat Bars

Backstory: I debated between taking oatmeal cookies or brownies to a potluck where both kids and grown-ups would be present. Then I stumbled across this recipe in the Best Loved and Brand New Joy of Cooking 75th Anniversary edition, which combines the best of both.  An oatmeal cookie dough forms the crust for these bar cookies, which is then topped with a thick layer of fudgy frosting.  Then you drop dollops of the remaining dough on top, which forms a crunchy, cobbled surface when baked. What’s not to love? – Susan Puckett

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