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Kathryn King’s coconut custard with blood orange sauce

s a child, King’s military family was always on the move. But wherever they lived—Virginia, Missouri, Hawaii—her grandmother, Mildred King, came for extended visits, bringing the flavors of Georgia with her. “Ganky” (as King called her) was revered for her layer cakes and pecan tassies. But the dessert that King most remembers is a simple, delicate coconut custard.

Brazil nut shortbread cookies

These easy slice-and-bake cookies melt in your mouth. Brazil nuts, now found bagged and shelled in many grocery stores, give them a distinctive flavor, but pecans, almonds, or other nuts can be substituted.

Hilary White’s Christmas Bazaar Peanut Brittle

Hilary White and her staff make peanut brittle for snacks served in china bowls in the Hil’s foyer, or as garnish for a dessert special. But White’s recipe for the classic Southern candy has its roots in Shelby, Ohio, the small farming town where she grew up.

Doughnut French Toast with Raspberry Syrup

French toast is usually day-old bread battered in an egg wash and then pan fried until golden brown. To celebrate game day, I prefer a sweeter version. Inspired by Wake Forest fans, I like to make Doughnut French Toast.

Cynthia Graubart’s Blueberry-Banana Cream Pie

Cynthia Graubart studied journalism at UGA and earned her master’s degree in broadcast management at the University of Florida in Gainesville; one of her first gigs out of school was producing Nathalie Dupree’s PBS series 'New Southern Cooking' in 1985.

Mama Clower’s Tea Cakes

I love the simplicity of an old-fashioned tea cake, and the best recipe for them I have ever tried is this version that originated with the mother of the late Jerry Clower, a Mississippi comedian renowned for his knee-slappers about the rural South.

Sticky Pudding with Scotch Sauce

Inspired by my love for all things British and the English pudding tradition, this is probably my most classic dessert. It's great after a meal of big, bold flavors, when you want to continue the decadent theme.

Georgia Green Apple Smoothie

Forgive me for this outrageously healthy-sounding recipe, but it is January, and therefore all diet resolutions are still in force. I like smoothies, but it troubles me that they’re usually concocted without regard to season or region.

Sorghum Spice Cake

Searching for an easy dessert to use up a jar of sorghum that had been hanging around my pantry for a while, I came upon this recipe on Epicurious from the Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham. It was a hit with everyone and would be a perfect ending for any wintry meal.

Aaron Russell’s Fried Apple Pie and Creamsicle Sherbet

Since moving to the city in 2000 to study at the Art Institute of Atlanta, Russell has driven past the Varsity almost daily but never thought to stop in. Making desserts every night in high-end kitchens like Seeger’s and Nikolai’s Roof didn’t allow the Adairsville, Georgia, native much time for restaurant exploration.

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