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Worship workout: Atlantans combine faith and fitness

They say the body is a temple, and some people certainly treat the gym like a church, following the workout of the day like it’s one of the Ten Commandments. But these days, some Christian church­goers are doing more to combine faith and fitness, placing a premium on the health of the body as well as the soul.

Scared Grateful

When I was a kid, I feared the apocalypse. But religion just angered my mother. When the pasty neighborhood Pentecostals approached us on the sidewalk, extending their damp pamphlets and their harbingers of doom, my mother would stick her arm out traffic-cop style and shout, “Get back!,” like she was warding off an attack by bears.

Walk with Him

He first appeared to me last November at a bar where I’d gone to watch the Falcons–Saints game. As usual, there were spirited drinkers with heavy beards milling around and grown-ups playing Golden Tee.

When Hollis Met George

I had sex with George Clooney. Not many people know this—or, I should say, not enough people know this—but not because I don’t broadcast it. I do. George Clooney, by the way, may disagree with me. But I have witnesses.

47. Listen to MLK

There are few places in Atlanta we call sacred, but the sanctuary of Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church is one of them.

25. Buy a bonsai tree—from a monk

In 1944 a handful of Trappist monks established a community in the woods outside of Conyers.

Southern Kosher

You have asked me, as a Southern writer, to produce a short personal essay on my Southern identity. I cannot do it.


The embankment feels like a ninety-degree incline, but the minister strides purposefully up it as if hiking a switchback trail—"the trick is to take it sideways," he says—toward the abutment of the I-75 overpass.

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