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It’s worth waking up early for these Atlanta farmers market finds

Wild-caught Georgia shrimp, fresh arugula, and decadent tarts—here are six local finds worth making the morning trip to the farmers market.
ASW Distillery

ASW Distillery can finally make its liquor locally

Five years after launching Atlanta-based ASW Distillery, the pair finally ran liquor through their custom copper stills for the first time last month.

Pine Street Market and Riverview Farms are opening Atlanta’s first farmer-owned butcher shop

Rusty Bowers wants to help showcase local farmers on a larger platform. “Now that we both have wonderful infrastructure in place, the next step was opening a high-end store that people can come to from all over Atlanta,” he says. “We want it to be a little culinary, meat driven mecca.”

Who wouldn’t love a gift this corny?

Here's a holiday gift idea that is wholesome, whole grain, and all-naturally grown, right here in Georgia. And yet, you get to coat it in butter and salt and eat it by the handful.

Rolling meat market hits the highway

Resolved to eat pastured meat in the new year, but not sure where to find it? Stay right where you are: The Farm Mobile is on its way to a parking lot near you.

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