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The staying power of the Gullah Geechee community

The staying power of the Gullah Geechee community

Once you’ve taken a left turn at Landing Road from Highway 99 southbound, roll down your car windows. As you drive east toward the Sapelo Island Visitors Center near Darien, you’ll pass beneath arching oak branches draped in long, lingering Spanish moss, and you’ll begin to notice a different kind of breeze—the rare sort of air that fills lungs with wistful history. But a fog of encroachment is making the future murky for the island’s Hog Hammock community.
Emory’s Georgia Coast Atlas allows anyone to visit the barrier islands virtually

Emory’s Georgia Coast Atlas allows anyone to visit the barrier islands virtually

Many of the dozen or so islands that make up the Georgia coast are notoriously inaccessible. Most, in fact, are reachable only by ferry or charter boat. Of course, that very remoteness has preserved 100 miles of relatively natural landscape, unmatched along the Eastern Seaboard. Now, researchers and students at Emory University’s departments of environmental sciences and history and its Center for Digital Scholarship (best known for its decades-long effort to document voyages of enslaved people) are creating an online portal, open to the public, that allows anyone to visit the islands virtually. The rapidly expanding Georgia Coast Atlas features flyover footage, video interviews, informative articles, historical documents, annotated maps, and other resources.
Sapelo Island’s marshes

How a tissue box–sized UGA satellite might help a submerging Sapelo Island

Sapelo Island—its residents and wildlife—could be in danger as ocean waters continue to rise. The University of Georgia's Small Satellite Research Lab will launch a satellite roughly 250 miles above Earth that will paint a clear picture of the coming threat.
Cornelia Walker Bailey

Commentary: The legacy of Cornelia Walker Bailey, the griot of Sapelo Island

Cornelia Walker Bailey knew Sapelo Island’s history and was determined to get it straight. As the unofficial griot (a West African term for a historian or storyteller) of Hog Hammock, the last remaining of the original African American communities founded by the island’s population of freed slaves and their descendants, she taught it every chance she got.
Geechee red peas

Reviving the Sapelo Island red pea

Grown at Georgia Coastal Gourmet Farms in Townsend, Georgia, the ruby-red pea has already won over fans like chef Linton Hopkins.
C. Diff

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: Sacred Harp singers, Sapelo Island sugarcane, and a battle with a deadly superbug

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.
Reynolds Mansion

25. Reynolds Mansion, Sapelo Island

This house began as a sugar plantation and was damaged during the Civil War.
Cornelia Walker Bailey

45. Cornelia Bailey, Sapelo Island

Cornelia Bailey is a storyteller, activist, author, and business owner, but she’s perhaps best known for being a member of the last generation of African Americans to have been born (in 1945) and raised on Sapelo Island.

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