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What are you doing this weekend? November 22 – 24

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. So you only have six days to complain about the holiday music on the radio and decorations in all the stores before you start sounding like you’re ninety and talking about walking uphill both ways to school in five feet of snow. Here are some festive (or not) things to do this weekend to ease you into the holiday season.

Conan rocks the Tabernacle!

"I want to welcome everyone who couldn't get a ticket to tonight's Braves game," Conan O'Brien told a cheering audience Monday afternoon at the first Final Four week Atlanta taping of his TBS "Conan" late night show at the Tabernacle downtown. Longtime fans like Jas Chahal and Stephanie Kasper, who had won their tickets through the TeamCoco.com website, had been milling about on Luckie Street all day. Chahal had driven up from Orlando for the occasion and from their second row seats, they had orange signs reading "ATL Luvs Coco" and "Conan Hug Me" signs at the ready (note to fans attending this week's shows at the Tabernacle: the show's stage manager requests that the audience refrain from displaying your Conan love signage since it will interfere with the cameras swinging around capturing the show in progress).

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