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Top Doctors 2024

Atlanta’s Top Docs in their own words: Why they went into medicine, the patients that inspired them, and more

We asked several of Atlanta's Top Doctors to tell their own stories about their journey as a doctor. Several said they decided to enter the profession because one or both of their parents were doctors; one mentioned that as a child, she went on weekend hospital rounds with her father. One of our favorite responses came from a neurosurgeon, Dr. Tyler J. Kenning, who said that being a physician and caring for patients embodies Theodore Roosevelt’s sentiment that “the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
How to get a healthy start to the new year

How to get a healthy start to the new year

Every July, we present our annual list of Top Doctors, as selected by licensed physicians in the metro area. As we started 2024, we asked the primary care physicians on our list to share their advice for New Year’s resolutions.
Atlanta Top Doctors 2023

Why I love my specialty: Atlanta’s top doctors share the patients, challenges, and victories that inspire them

"There are fewer than 20 pediatric ophthalmologists left in the state to serve a large population of children who need our help to see," says Shivani Sethi. "That means I’m busy, but I find it even more rewarding to work with children throughout my day. I’ve never met a pediatric ophthalmologist who isn’t happy doing their job. Every single day we help tiny babies see and experience the world."
Atlanta Top Doctors 2022

Atlanta’s Top Docs share their stories of unexpected, inspiring, and memorable cases

If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that working in a hospital is never routine. We asked the metro’s most respected physicians to share stories of unexpected, inspiring, and memorable cases.
Atlanta physicians tell us how healthcare will (or should) change after the pandemic

Atlanta physicians tell us how healthcare will (or should) change after the pandemic

Every specialty has been affected by Covid-19. We talked with six of our Top Doctors about how the healthcare system should or will change as the world starts back up.
Dr. Eric Flenaugh

Meet the heroes who inspire Atlanta’s top doctors

For months, people have applauded doctors in creative ways, from spontaneous cheers to donated meals. But we were curious about whom physicians themselves wanted to thank.
American Medical Association's new president: Patrice Harris

An Atlanta doctor is now the first black woman president of the American Medical Association

After 172 years, a black woman is the leader of doctors in America. Patrice Harris talks about her history-making election and the American Medical Association role in tackling issues such as healthcare access and anti-abortion legislation.

Saving lives—even off the clock. 7 times Atlanta doctors came to the rescue.

Sometimes in a medical emergency, the nearest hospital is miles away. That’s when you pray for physicians like these Atlanta top doctors to step up until the EMTs arrive. They tell us about seven times they unexpectedly had to come to the rescue.

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