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Dawn Mandeville

The first time I delivered twins but only one survived

I kept glancing in the direction of Twin B. The staff was huddled around the baby, and I saw they were moving more quickly than they would for a normal newborn. I caught the eye of the attending neonatologist, who shook her head. I felt sick.
Marwan Kazimi

The first time I performed an organ transplant in the nick of time

She was a college student who developed what’s called fulminant liver failure, which happens to probably 2,000 people a year in the country. Without a liver transplant, she would have died within a week.
Elizabeth Shaw

The first time I rebuilt a patient’s face

She was a middle-aged woman who’d been driving on a two-lane highway when a deer ran out in front of her. The deer went through the windshield and was pinned there. She was trapped inside, the deer kicking her in the face over and over again until they could extract her from the car.
Dr. Hui-Kuo Shu

The first time I injected radioactive material into a brain

We did a lot of planning and dry runs, but I was still a bit nervous. This treatment is rarely used, and the last time it was done here at Emory was probably 25 years ago.
Dr. Tameeka Law Walker

The first time I treated a ruptured uterus

I arrived in the hospital room to find a pregnant woman writhing in pain. On the screen, I immediately saw something odd. The baby was awkwardly positioned, and its heart rate was super low. I realized we had to deliver her right away.
Atlanta's Top Doctors 2016

Top Doctors 2016

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Atlanta Top Doctors 2016

Meet 3 of Atlanta’s Top Doctors

"Early on in my career, when I saw my friends out in the business world having weekends off and making good salaries, while I was wrapped up in debt, that was a little more disheartening. I didn’t really feel the tangible benefits of it. Now that I’ve been doing it for 25 years, the rewards of helping people every day, it’s really a tangible thing."

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