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Making the transition from mountain time to beach time

Everyone kept telling me about the Salt Life. The ubiquitous decals were everywhere, promising a secret world of unbridled summer loafing and easygoingness. When I moved back to North Carolina for a job at a university in the middle of the state, I listened to my colleagues’ enthusiasm as they planned their annual two-week, intergenerational trips to Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, or Fort Fisher.

My South: Fox Sports Broadcaster Erin Andrews on Tampa

I had a great childhood in Tampa, but I think I really developed an appreciation for the city after I moved away. I just love the low-key, super-chill vibe of it all. It’s totally different from what you get in Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale, let alone what I experience living in Los Angeles.

Chef Paul Smith’s perfect day in Charleston, West Virginia

After years of working in kitchens in Florida, New York, Asheville, and Napa Valley, Chef Paul Smith returned home to the hills of West Virginia in 2020. “I absolutely love it,” he says. “The people are fantastic. The hospitality is Appalachian. We’ve never met a stranger.”

23 places to begin your exploration of America’s civil rights history

President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 on July 2, 1964—60 years ago this summer. America’s paperwork finally matched its ideals: Discrimination based on race, color, religion, or national origin became illegal. None of this could have happened if Black Americans hadn’t pressed their case for enfranchisement, as they have done since the nation’s founding. On the South’s officially recognized Civil Rights Trail, towns across the region showcase curated stories of power and courage.

5 Southern farm stay experiences, perfect for a rural retreat

Unplug and unwind at these pastoral properties, each blending rural charm with modern luxuries.

This creative dessert is a feast for the eyes—and the palate

The first time that executive pastry chef Danielle Sanchez walked into the Setai Miami Beach hotel, she remembers it being “romantic and dark and smelling like lemongrass and spices.” Sanchez conjures those sensations when brainstorming new pastries at Jaya, the Asian-inspired restaurant at this luxury property that once housed the historic Vanderbilt Hotel.

Learn how to cook with bourbon from Kentucky celebrity chef Edward Lee

If you think bourbon is best served in a glass, think again: Celebrity Chef Edward Lee will soon tour the South to showcase how to cook with Kentucky’s brown water.

One City, Three Ways: Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is lovely, made even lovelier with an effort to see the bigger picture. Here are three ways to approach your next visit, themed around Black history, top dining spots, and architectural highlights.

Essential Southern beach trips

There are a few things you can always count on if you travel along the Southern coast. Pillowy mounds of soft, fine sand. Warm, sunny days punctuated by kaleidoscopic sunsets. Tents and umbrellas bearing the mascots of college football teams. Local shrimp and oysters fried to greasy perfection. These eight classic destinations tick all those boxes and more.

Pinch Me: everything you wanted to know about crawfish

Of the 500-plus species of crayfish that exist worldwide, more than 300 varieties inhabit the rivers, lakes, and bayous of the southeastern United States, where they are colloquially called crawfish. Throughout the region, these freshwater crustaceans are considered a springtime delicacy.

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