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What happened to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame?

What happened to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame?

What is a hall of fame? Is it the building that contains artifacts, plaques, and statues honoring famous people, or is it the people themselves? Is it a physical place, or a transcendent honor? During its wobbly lifespan from 1996 to 2011, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame was all those things, until it wasn’t anything.
Atlanta's vanishing accent

Is the Atlanta accent vanishing? Not exactly.

It is easy to spot, the old Atlanta accent. Bird becomes bud in a drawl as unhurried as Sunday brunch at the Colonnade. Because of several factors here—the Olympics, the tech boom, the rise of the entertainment industry—Atlanta’s population has exploded, bringing a heady mix of other languages and dialects to the civic conversation. Has this influx, by process of dilution, killed that identifiable accent? Not yet. Here's why.
The best places to eat and drink in Athens

The best places to eat and drink in Athens

Our restaurant critic Christiane Lauterbach gives a salute to our neighboring city, listing the best restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Athens, Georgia.

The pest professor: Meet Dan Suiter, UGA’s Orkin Professor of Urban Entomology

Dan Suiter has a superpower: He can walk into a restaurant and tell if it has rats or roaches, just by the smell. “Rat urine is kind of pungent,” he says. “Roaches are more musty.”
Georgia farmers' mental health

Georgia’s largest industry faces a mental health crisis

Agriculture is the state’s largest industry, contributing more than 350,000 jobs and more than $74 billion to Georgia’s economy. With high risks and, often, thin profit margins for family-owned farms, social isolation, the vagaries of weather, and the burden of a multigenerational family legacy, the work can wreak havoc on mental health.
Mariah Parker

Mariah Parker’s next move

The 31-year-old is already a successful rapper, an activist, a PhD, and a former county commissioner in Athens. Now they’ve become an organizer for an ambitious new labor union—and become an Atlantan.
Okefenokee Swamp

Will mining threaten the Okefenokee?

An Alabama company is trying to build a mineral mine just outside one of Georgia’s most majestic natural spaces, the Okefenokee Swamp. But critics worry: How close is too close?
The future of Georgia's salt marshes

The future of Georgia’s salt marshes

With one-third of the salt marshes on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, the Georgia coast is celebrated for its natural beauty—but natural can be a deceptive concept. Humans are part of nature; to effects good and ill, we’ve shaped the world around ourselves. That includes the coast.
In her new book of essays, Sabrina Orah Mark finds out what fairy tales still have to teach us

In her new book of essays, Sabrina Orah Mark finds out what fairy tales still have to teach us

When Sabrina Orah Mark began to delve into the world of fairy tales, it was Geppetto—who carves his own son from a block of wood—whom she connected with most. “Pinocchio lies to him, steals from him, runs away from him, comes back, saves him, and breaks his heart,” Mark says. It’s a tale as old as time: The things that we create—that lie to us, steal from us, and break our hearts—might be the things that save us in the end.
UGA’s Bee Program

Georgia could soon be home to the world’s first vaccine for honeybees

“It’s just getting harder for bees to do what they do,” Keith Delaplane says. Increasingly, honeybees and other pollinators face survival challenges from climate change, pesticide use, and habitat destruction—in addition to bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can swiftly decimate a hive. But researchers like Delaplane, a professor of entomology at the University of Georgia and the director of UGA’s Bee Program, are working to offer beekeepers tools to combat at least some of these threats. Next year, Georgia—home to one of the biggest commercial beekeeping industries in the country—might also be home to the world’s first vaccine for honeybees.

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