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How to get a healthy start to the new year

How to get a healthy start to the new year

Every July, we present our annual list of Top Doctors, as selected by licensed physicians in the metro area. As we started 2024, we asked the primary care physicians on our list to share their advice for New Year’s resolutions.
Do fad diets actually work?

An Atlanta dietitian shares the facts on four trendy diets

Danielle Lewis has seen her share of nutrition trends come and go since becoming a registered dietitian. (Anybody remember the Tapeworm Diet? No? Good.) Here, the owner of Atlanta’s DL Dietetics evaluates the latest fads.

Dealing with insomnia

I live with a man who at 10 p.m. can drink a caffeinated Diet Coke, fire off twenty emails, read a New Yorker article on his backlit iPad and then abruptly say goodnight, turn off the light and fall asleep in less than fifteen seconds.As he snores away, I seethe.

Georgia ranks No. 43 in kid wellness

It's not so great to be a child in Georgia. Our state dropped six spots in an annual survey of overall well-being of kids in the U.S.

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