22. B’s Cracklin’

When he opened the original B’s in Savannah in October 2014, Bryan Furman was one of the first to bring heritage pork to the barbecue world. (He currently raises six breeds of pigs in Statesboro pastures.) And though he opened his Atlanta location just two years ago, its V-ceilinged dining room, fragrant with smoke, already feels like an heirloom. The must-order: pork ribs, which Furman cooks over pecan and cherry coals. But sides are no afterthought. Collard greens taste like collard greens, not fat and salt; slow-simmered hash and rice is the most comforting of comfort foods; and instead of cornbread, you’ll find lacy-edged crackling hoecakes.

2061 Main Street, 678-949-9912, bscracklinbbq.com

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